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Doug Wyatt

Accidental Beauties


“Accidental Beauties” is a sonic journey, from the sounds of modern civilization to the expanses of space. The title track begins with a mournful and mysterious guitar solo which gradually transforms into a pleasant ambience from which a playful synthesizer melody emerges. The album’s centerpiece is “Ephemera”, a long, meditative, flowing journey through many timbres and moods. Brad Biondo, assistant editor of, wrote, “It’s hard to imagine how an album which is largely improvisation can sound so right.”

1. Aura of the Machine
2. Invisible People
3. Accidental Beauties
4. Acadia
5. Undercurrents
6. Bricolage
7. Through the Center of Grey
8. Geese in the House of God
9. Ephemera
10. Signs
11. Innocents
total:  50:24

Doug Wyatt: compositions, keyboards, voices, percussion, production.

(4) co-composers: Peter Chwazik: bass, Matthew Saccucci Morano: percussion.

(5) co-composer: Patrick Cahill: bass.

Recorded and mixed by dsw, Ithaca NY, June 1995-January 1998, except (4) recorded live at 171 Cedar, Corning NY, 26 April 1996, (5) recorded by dsw and Patrick Cahill, Wilton, CT, 24 May 1992.

Digital post-production and premastering by Deane Delli-Bovi, Indawoods Audio, Williamstown, NY, January 1998. Final digital assembly by dsw, January 1998.

Compositions © 1998 Douglas S. Wyatt / Sonosphere Music (BMI)

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A fine debut effort full of atmosphere, intrigue and emotion. Recommended for anyone wishing to hear an exciting, creative and passionate new voice in the electronic music sphere. – Anil Prasad, Innerviews

Ambient in a synthetic way, but still organic and lulling. … For a debut CD this puts Tangerine Dream to shame. – Scott Noegel, OffLine Reviews

Mesmerizing combinations of exotic sound samples, original synth patches, sound processing, imaginative percussion, beautifully simple and simply beautiful melodies, ethereal sound paintings… The album’s title could be the shortest, most expressive summation of this music: clearly improvisatory, often the result of experimentations, but in the same time coherent and beautiful in its atmospheres and emotional content. … A fresh music that will instantly fill and transform the space in which you listen to it. – Levente Toth, freelance reviewer

Flights of intimate fancy couched in sonic mystery. The music is both relaxing and intriguing. There’s no “settling back” into drab new age lack of meaning – Doug’s vision is clearly expressed and will wrap you ever-so-subtly into the web. … This CD comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for those who love new musical directions. – Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation